(Episode begins with everyone sitted in the stairs of the house , then Benson begins to talk)

Benson: Okay so you may wonder why everyone is here? not?

Rigby: Well I dont know.

Mordecai: We are here to meet the new guy , I just know that.

Rigby: Woah! woman please! woman please!!!

Benson: Here he is!

Rigby: Aw man... No woman.

Benson: Everybody welcome Edward!

Edward: Hallo people!

('Everyone stands up to meet Edward)

Mordeca'i: 'Hi Edward! Nice to meet you!

Rigby:Woah! He is an toten! (Rigby looks that Edward is very tall)

Mordecai: (Punches Rigby) Be more nice dude!

'Pops : 'Hello Edward! Nice to meet you good man!

Edward: Nice to meet... (falls into the ground and starts rolling)

Mordecai : Oh my god dude! Are you alright?!

Edward: (Stops rolling) Ja! Ja... Ja , Ja , Ja! I can't believe that you guys really think vhat it was real!

Rigby: Wait? Did you just pranked us?

'Edward: 'Oh yes!

Benson: I hope he is not the same as Mordecai and Rigby.

Mordecai & Rigby: Hey!

Benson: Sorry but that is the truth. Now everybody go back to work and Edward.. ummm With who I shall put you? hmm.. You will go with Mordecai and Rigby to work in the garden!

Rigby: No way man!

Benson: No nothing Rigby! NOW GO!

Mordecai: Benson chill! Alright come with us Edward.

(The scene goes to Mordecai , Rigby , and Edward with some bush scissors)

Edward: Vhy ze heck are ve doing this?

Rigby: Well we always fake that we are working , Benson passes by and then we go to have fun!

Edward: And that is vhat you do everyday?

Mordecai: Basically. Sometimes Benson catches us slacking and he goes nuts!

Edward: I think I have an plan to have fun!

Rigby: We already told you the routine!

Edward: Forget ze routine! Lets go have some fun! But first of all ve need an distraction!

Rigby: Like?

Mordecai: We could use those manequins that are in the Skips garage.

Edward: Great! Now... Vho has an marker?

Mordecai: I do! (gives marker to Edward)

Rigby: Okay let's do it!

(The scene goes to Edward drawing the faces of Mordecai , Rigby and him)

Edward: Wunderbar!

(The manequins look completly horrible)

Mordecai: Are you sure that will distract Benson?

('Edward looks the manequins again')

Edward: Vhile he doesnt see ze faces , It vould be alright!

Rigby: Alright! Let's go have some fun!

Mordecai: But quickly! Benson is coming!

(They hide in an bush and then Benson goes an sees the manequins'''')

Benson: Wow! They are working!... I can't believe it!

(Benson leaves an then the manequin of Edward falls to the ground)

Mordecai: I can't believe it! It worked!

Edward: Now lets go to have fun!

Rigby: Can we go first to the Coffee Shop? I'm very hungry!

Mordecai: Alright! But you pay this time!

Rigby: What?! I did it last time!

Mordecai: No you didn't! You stole the money from some random guy in the street!

(An flashback goes to an guy walking in the street)

Rigby: Hello! Can you give so...

Guy: Don't talk to me!

Rigby: (Gets angry and stomps the feet of the guy , then it falls money from his pocket)Uhh? Yes! Free money! (Rigby grabs the money and leaves)

(flashback ends)

Mordecai: Remember?

Rigby: But I paid it!

Edward: Oh mein Gott! vhatever! just decide! Vho decides vhat Rigby pays?

(Mordecai and Edward raise the hand)

Rigby: I hate you so much...

Edward: So vhere is vhat coffee shop?

Mordecai: It is almost near of here. Lets go!

(The 3 go to the Coffee Shop)

Edward: Okay so now vha... (Edward sees Margaret) Vho is she?

Mordecai: Uhh.. She is Margaret. And Stop looking her like that!

Rigby: Someone is jellyous!

Edward: Jelly.. vhat? the word you are searching is jealous.

Mordecai: He has an thirth grade education.

Edward: Oh! That's vhy.

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