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Steve is a fan character and Mordecai's 20 year old brother.He hates Benson for treating brother like dirt and crud.

Character BioEdit

Steve is Mordecai's young brother.He is a red blue jay that is really into video games.He is fictionlly voiced by J.G. Quintal. Like at the top, He hates Benson for treating Mordecai like he hates him.Steve has a very small crush on Maragaret.His older brother Mordecai, hates when he admits it.He debuted in the first episode of Regular Show Fanon, Brother Mordecai.


From The New Episode Brother Mordecai.

Mordecai: What's up my Brother.

Rigby: Wow ! i didn't know you had a brother !

Steve: Hey bro *slaps pops hand* *slaps skips hand* *slaps benson*


  1. He is the first OC By User:Mrboy90