Mr Snuggle Bear

Mr. Snuggle Bear

Mr. Snuggle Bear is Mordecai's best "toy friend" he had since he was a baby/


He's a small brown teddy bear who have dark brown fur. He also very soft and have a red bow


To Mordecai when he was a baby and little kid he was real to him. He was happy, kind and helpful. He always gave Mordecai advice when he need it.


When Mordecai was a month old, his parents gave him a teddy bear which he called "Mr. Snuggle Bear." He was his best friend before he met Rigby and always carried him around. He sleep with him a lot and protected him from the dark and nightmares. Even when Mordecai made real friends, still played and loved Mr. Snuggle bear. When Mordecai turned 23, he saw a little orphan looked sad and loney, Mordecai did the ulamtied thing: he gave Mr. Snuggle Bear to the little orphan giving him one last hug. When Margaret found out what he did, she bought him the same bear that looked like Mr. Snuggle Bear and Mordecai thanks her because to him; it's the same old snuggle bear he had, and kept it ever since.


  • Mordecai had him when he a month old
  • Have a brother name Dr. Snuggle Bear
  • Baby Mordecai pronce his name "snug a ber."