Mr. Period is a fanon OC, he is a master at video games.                                          

Mr. Period
Biographical Information
Home: Computer, The Park, Whatever.
Occupation: Being part of a computer.<-----He's right there!
Species: Period
Gender: Male
Hair color: No Hair
Eye color: None
Relatives: Mrs. Period
Show Information
Voiced by:  ????? ???????
Appears in: "Paradox vs. Non-Paradox, The Conclusion"

Eats pizza gets fat and lazy, All though he was born that fat.

Born in a diferrent planet that was unknown, It was known as ????????.     It never was planned to go to, NASA never planned, Monkeys never planned, Nobody. Mr. Period decided to go to earth and make new friends.


Front View of Mr. Period



One of his best friends, Always beats him at video games, And sometimes throws parties with him at 7:00 PM.



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