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Malachi is Mordecai's father. He's a stubborn hard-case…only around his son. He takes every opportunity to insult his son for just existing. But in reality, he does show concern and cares about Mordecai, a "tough love" aspect. Malachi's job is unknown, it may associate with office supply shipping.

Malachi was raised by his single mother, Erilyn, a Steller's Jay, along with 2 brothers. The father of Malachi abandoned Erilyn when he was told she was pregnant with his kid. She raised him alone until she found out about a friend of her father owed him a solid and decided to cash in on it. He is the oldest of his brothers. You can hardly tell they're brothers because they all had different dads. The middle child is a Purple Starling and the youngest is an Eurasian Jay.

His favorite person is Maxine, his babysitter. He always saw her as an older sister. Even when his brother was born, Maxine still cared for him. When she died, Malachi was devastated. He wore sunglasses everyday to hide his emotions since. He wasn't really fond of her friend, Amy, but gotten to like her over time. He became somewhat of a social outcast until high school, where he met his wife, Cecilia, again; he hadn't seen her since Maxine's funeral. He started to fall in love with her and his attempts to confess his love for him always ended in embarrassment, although Cecilia liked him for trying. He finally confessed his love for her at Senior Prom.


Mordecai's father; Malachi

Cecilia became pregnant with his child. She felt excited to start a family with him, starting with a daughter, while Malachi, excited as well, felt worry on his role as a father. He was told it was going to be a girl, with no doubt. He became dead set to see her born and raise her right. When Mordecai was born, he felt EXTREME disappointment and when he was told Cecilia could never have a kid again, he felt anguish.

Malachi without his glasses

Malachi without his glasses

He began treating Mordecai like a punching bag for insults and actual physical punching. He plays punchies with him, insults him at every opportunity, breaks his dreams, but to an extent. Cecilia is aware of his abuse to Mordecai and calls it out on him, saying it seems like his only communication to Mordecai and Mordecai developed an animosity towards him. When Mordecai was 8, Malachi died in an automobile accident (details unknown). His death hit ** Cecilia, Ryan, his niece, and unknowingly, Mordecai himself. But then a couple of months later he came back as ghost, but was mad because they didnt give him his legs (they accidnetly gave them to another dead person) Cecilia, Ryan, Mordecai was exermly happy and he didnt tease Mordecai much like he use to. Now he's living with his wife and still working at his job.