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Johnathon (father), Isabel (mother) Becca (sister)

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Lora Luna is a 25 year old women who works at the park. She is Becca's older sister. 

Apperance Edit

Lora have brown hair. She have fair peach skin and wears girl clothes and cool clothes. She sometimes even wear boy clothes. 


Like her sister, she have a nice and kind personailty. But she kind of tougher than Becca, because she would stand up to her friends if they are getting bullied. She also very helpful and playful to her friends.


Lora was born May 15th, 1987. Her parents name are Johnathon and Isabel. Like her father, she's an angel and have the power to fly, and heal people injuries or sickness. Soon her baby sister Becca was born and she was really happy that she now have a little sister. When Becca was 5, she was sent to a bad school and got bullied. Lora felt so sorry for sister and her and her parents deicde to let Pops homeschool Becca until middle school. 


Lora is shown to have lots of intrests. She likes:

  • Video Games
  • Hanging out with her friends and family
  • Watching TV
  • Babies
  • Rain
  • Pranking Muscle Man
  • Hanging out with Becca
  • Listening to music
  • Training her skills and powers. 
  • Talk to Benson,Margaret,Eileen and her friends.



Becca is Lora's younger sister. Unlike some sisters, they get along great and have a lot in common. They are both have angel powers and can fly. They help each other out when they are in trouble.


Her and Mordecai are good friends. They have a lot in common like eating pizza, play video games, reading comic books etc. She sometimes tickle his feet for fun, but have to be careful cause sometimes she tickle him too hard and make him pass out. She also help Mordecai with his problems and sometimes tease Rigby.


Lora and Rigby are also good friends. They sometimes mess around with each other, and play video games. They both sometimes tickle Mordecai's feet for fun, but have to be careful not to make him pass out. She and Rigby would sometimes argue, but will make up in the end. 


She and Alex get along really well and are good friends. Sometimes they would hang out together and pull pranks on Muscle Man.


Benson is Lora's boss. She helps Benson to control his anger, and not yell at Mordecai, Rigby, and Alex over the littlest mistakes they do. She and Benson get along pretty good. 


Lora is Pops good friend. She sometimes helps him, and cheers him up when ever he is sad. She is glad that Pops is Becca's best friend and they both take care of Becca whenever she get sick or injured. 


She and Skips are friends. Sometimes they work together and often give advice to Mordecai, Rigby, and the others if they need advice or in trouble.


  • Lora found out Mordecai's tickle spot from Rigby.
  • She a full angel unlike Becca who is a half angel.
  • Lora would sometimes use her powers to protect her friends from bullies or use her powers to threaten Rigby.
  • She doesnt really have a tickle spot.
  • Have a new boyfriend name Allen Stars