Cody Williams
Alex and Cody
Cody with his best friend Alex!


Cody Oswald Williams






Red Fox



Hair Color


Eye color



None as of now


Alex, Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man (moderately), High Five Ghost (moderately), Margaret, Elieen, Jamie


Muscle Man (most likely), High Five Ghost (sometimes), Death, Bronx, Patty

Cody Williams is a 16 year old fox who is Alex Griffin's best friend from childhood.


Cody is a 16 year old red fox who is 5'2, A little thin, black eyes, rings around his eyes like Rigby only lighter, and on the tip of his tail it's brown. Unlike some of the characters he wears wears a green turtle neck, brown pants that stop to his ankles, and don't wear shoes.


Cody is a nice and smart and more mature than Alex. He can be a bit cowardly but he can also be brave. He's also ver smart and knows alot of things and do well in school unlike Alex. He's like Mordecai because they both want their friends to do the right thing and mature then their best friend. Sometimes he can be lazy and is laid back like some of his friends. Like Rigby he can get scare but some scary movies and dislike his friend Jamie's scary movies.

Skills and HabitsEdit

  • Karate Master - Like Alex Griffin, he's an expert in karate but he's a white belt and Alex is a black belt.
  • Rock Climber - Cody can climb up rocks, and hills very well.
  • Flexabilty - He's very felxable but not like Alex. He cant to the splits yet but is able to do cart wheels and back flips.
  • Cowardness - Sometimes he can be a bit cowardly. Sometimes when Alex deicde to go a cool yet dangerous adventure Cody get scared. Sometimes he can get scared from the villians the park gang have to fight.
  • Spyier - He can be a great spyier and almost everybody cant get him.
  • Light Sleeper - Like Rigby, he's a light sleeper. Sometimes he would stay up all night and wont be that much tired.
  • Fast Runner - He can run really fast but not like Rigby.
  • Photographer - He shown to be a really good photograper. He sometimes take photos of people but hide due to his talent of spying. 
  • Slyness - He can be sly on some villians and some of his friends
  • Cleverness - Like Alex, he's very clever. He also clever at plans, riddles, and puzzles. 



  • His middle name is Oswald
  • He have a tiny bump under his tail but Alex think he growing a second tail.
  • Hates his middle name cause it make his intial spell COW. 
  • The tip of his tail use to be white but when he was 4 his tail was on the stove and it was on and burn the tip of his tail which made it permtanly brown. 
  • Have a sercet crush on Alex.