Cecilia is Mordecai's mom. She is normally happy-go-lucky and a bit zany, especially around her son, who she calls “Morde-pie,” but is still strict when it comes to business. She was raised by her parents, who were hippies, so it explains her free-spirited nature. She has a job as a fashion designer and on occasion, model. Her former job was a stripper, but quit when her husband died.

Cecilia is very fond of her son because, well, he’s her only child. She could never have kids again because of her scar from giving birth to Mordecai, as he got stuck during delivery. When she was still pregnant with him, she was told that it was going to be a girl with no doubt. Then when Mordecai was born, she felt disappointed and that all the baby girl stuff, even the clothes she made, were all for naught. She outputs her frustration on this issue by making her son wear those girl clothes (it left some psychological trauma on Mordecai, sadly; can never look at girl clothes without terrible flashbacks). Over time, she have gotten over her disappointment, unlike her husband.

When her husband, Malachi, died, she went through major depression. She quit her job as a stripper, drank everyday, and was admitted to a mental hospital for a few months. Mordecai stayed with his grandparents during that period. Tired of hearing her status was “still crying” everyday for months, Mordecai did something for her, which currently, Mordecai never wants to mention ever again, that made her snapped out of her depression. But then a couple of months later, Malachi came back as a ghost and said that he can stay with them much to her's and Mordecai's joy.

Although she’s rich due to her job, Mordecai refuses to resort to her for money, as he wanted to prove that he can be independent and not a momma’s boy. And she supports his decision.


Mordecai's mom; Cecilia