Benson's Triple Bad Luck Is A 3-Part Tv-Movie(Fan-made Episode) By Me(Mrboy90) rated TV-PG-D
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Part 1 PlotEdit

After The Events Of Fortune Cookie,Benson,Skips,And The Others Went To England To See Mordecai's Sister(a Character By Me(mrboy90) This Time (instead Of Rigby)Muscle Man Ask Benson 2 Trade Fortune Cookies Benson Said Yes

Mitch(Benson)'s Fortune Said You're Video Game Cover Artist Benson Really Muscle Man's Said BAD LUCK LOOSER ! Benson Said Oh CRAP ! Mordecai Said What
Mordecai Ep.Don

The Lyrics Below Said Dum Dum Dum TBC

Part 2 PlotEdit

When The Others Ditched Benson,Mordecai And Friends(including Sister) Went To Wing Kingom UK When Benson Saw 2 Punks About 2 Bully Him Then Benson Had A Bloody Eye Then A Cat Attack,Then Benson Had 2 Removed His Face Due 2 Damages Then He Had A Ugly FACE Benson's Girlfriend Said Where Breaking Up The Lyrics Said The Said The Same Thing But TBC 2 To be Countinued

Part 3 PlotEdit

Benson Cried Like A Wuss When Mordecai And Rigby Came They said EW WHAT THE HECK HAPPEND My BAD LUCK, IDIOTS Said Benson Muscle Man:Im so sorry benson *switches Fortunes Back* Every Thing Went Back To Normal Then The credits started Rolling In But The Theme Song Was Remixed By Cee Lo Green